Central Indiana Forensic Associates, LLC

Dr. Thomas J. Sozio Cell 317-985-3312

Central Indiana Forensic Associates, LLC. consists of a mobile team of multiple Board Certified Pathologists and autopsy technicians to provide on-site postmortem examinations to central Indiana.

We are committed to providing answers to families in the search for closure in a loved one�s death. We provide timely and accurate examinations so as not to impinge on family's funeral arrangements, criminal inquiries, and law enforcement time constraints.

  • By traveling to the county where the death occurred, we offset some of the transportation and facility costs.
  • We provide all of the tools and equipment to perform complete examinations.
  • We will perform the examination the day we are contacted, or the next business day if contacted after 11:00 a.m.
  • Services are provided throughout the week upon request with the exception of major holidays.
  • All physicians have graduated from approved Forensic Pathology Fellowship programs and have experience with testifying in a court of law.

Autopsy services are performed for:

  • Elected coroner's of the State of Indiana
  • Hospital Networks
  • Funeral directors
  • Attorneys
  • Private citizens

Additional services offered

  • Second autopsies
  • Exhumations
  • Occupational health cases (i.e. asbestosis/Mesothelioma, coal worker's lung)
  • Neuropathology/dementia cases (i.e. Alzheimer's)
  • Personal injury
  • Malpractice cases
  • Review of medical records and autopsy reports

We provide full examinations and external only examinations with toxicology upon request. If a family requests certain restrictions for the autopsy (i.e. no head examination), we will strive to accommodate these requests.

On the day of the autopsy, we provide a hand written summary of autopsy findings to all parties with a preliminary cause and manner of death. A completed autopsy report with all ancillary tests (i.e. toxicology, histology, etc.) will be furnished by Central Indiana Forensic Associates in a timely manner.

We will strive to answer all questions at the conclusion of the examination. We will contact any parties (families, attorneys, etc.) to discuss the case if needed. We will respond to emails (pathdrsozio@hotmail.com and tsozio@indy.gov) and all phone inquiries and texts (Dr. Sozio�s cell phone 317-985-3312) as quickly as possible. Please contact Dr. Thomas J. Sozio for pricing information.

We utilize AIT Laboratories for toxicology, Riverview Hospital for histology and microbial studies, and provide photography of autopsy findings if needed. In addition, we have worked with and have access to all of the ancillary forensic consultants (Anthropology, Pediatric Pathologist, Neuropathologist, Dental Identification, Serology (DNA), and Entomology) available in the State of Indiana. We also have experience working with organ donor organizations and understand the vital role they play.